Film Maker, Illustrator and Shadowologist, Vincent Bal

Episode 076
Vincent Bal is the perfect combination of idealism and diligence. He enjoys the perks of an artist’s work and play while staying realistic and committed to his passions.
Today’s guest is an award-winning filmmaker who has gained worldwide popularity with Shadowology, a unique artistic practice that results in quirky and witty illustrations. Living a life of freedom, Vincent remains committed to his various projects while not being imprisoned by expectations and a routine. He is a living example of a man who thrives from doing what he loves. Meet Vincent Bal.
Vincent Bal is a man who sees beauty, tenderness and humor in the mundane. His rich reservoir of imagination and his positive attitude allow him to excel in many creative fields. Vincent loves having the freedom of living a life outside the shadows, one that is genuinely of his own creation.

Vincent Bal grew up in an extremely creative environment. Traveling the world at a young age with his mom’s children’s theater group, he saw the world as a place where he could create his own reality.

Vincent recognizes the double-edged sword that is creativity and has faced depression and anxiety head on through several points in his life. However, these experiences did not deter his dream’s fulfillment. Rather, they made him even smarter about how he approaches work and life in general.

Instead of being succumbed into the role of a tormented filmmaker and artist, Vincent created a purposeful project through Shadowology. Birthed from a happy accident, he followed his gut by committing to something that feels natural for him. Now, he constantly creates unique images and sees potential in everyday objects around him.

Always with the goal of creating a different world within the one we experience daily, Vincent’s artistic films and tiny masterpieces on paper speak volumes on how balancing freedom and purpose leads to a happily creative life.

In this episode, Vincent talks about the things that spark his creativity and help him see things in a whole new light. He shares how he values quality over quantity in everything he does and the gentle ease that comes with feeding your soul by doing what you love.


Connect with Vincent Bal through his Instagram account with over 670,000 followers worldwide or website.

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