Fashion Designer and Interior Designer, Jennifer White

Episode 018
My guest today is someone who loves creating all things beautiful. For her, design is everything. Meet Jennifer White.

Today’s guest is an artist of all sorts. A person that has had three successful creative careers. She is currently an interior designer, but before that, she was first a gold and silversmith and a fashion expert that worked for some of the biggest fashion labels in Australia. Step in the creative mind of Jennifer White.

Jennifer, or Jen as most people would call her, is passionate about design and she adores her career. For her, design is everything. “I really love everything about it,” she said.

Jen studied three different types of design: gold and silversmithing, fashion and interior design. Born in Melbourne, Jen grew up with parents that spend time teaching her how to draw, giving her the encouragement to explore the things she would want to discover for herself.

Jen did all sorts of creative pursuits. During her HSC, Jen took a course on jewellery, which helped her built a portfolio on ssilversmithing However, it wasn’t an easy journey for Jen. She had people telling her that art isn’t for her and that she’s better off a teacher. She gladly went to teaching school for a year, but later left to take a gold and silversmithing course, at university.

Jen also spent sometime working for her dad, who was a clothing manufacturer. However, the itch to always try new things made Jen cut her time working for the family business short.  Interestingly, opportunities opened after another and Jen got involved in all of them including fashion, where she opened several stores and travelled all over Australia.

Currently, Jen is happily married with kids and has a successful interior design practice and specialises in residential design. She also finds time to learn new things – again, anything that involves design. She’s now into paintings, sculpture and basically just creating beautiful things for herself.

In this episode you will learn, and Jen shares her exciting journey to success and how she balances this with a healthy family life. She talks about her unplanned career, how leaving the comfort of a big company was the best decision of her life and how being passionate in everything that you do is the core of it all. Jen also offers some advice to the next generation of artists that are in or looking to get involved in the creative industry.

Enjoy the interview and join me dive in Jen’s creative mind. If you’d want to talk to her, or have a project in mind, send her an email to

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