Expert in Touring Business & Live events, Michael Lane

Episode 060
Michael Lane is a goal getter. His encouraging and expert network led Michael to be one of the biggest names in the Australian live events industry.
Today’s guest is a events promotion expert. Every year, he brings together the world’s best talents into live events to try to help individuals in Australia and around the world learn from and become the bests at what they do. Meet Michael Lane.
Michael is an entrepreneur. He has achieved success in business by constantly relying on his intuition just as much as his talent and skills.

Michael Lane grew up from a simple, loving family in Brisbane. As a child, he was involved with friends, whose families were well-off. He observed how they lived and how they ran their businesses. At the time, he wanted to achieve that as well, because that’s what he thought ‘being successful’ meant.

Michael did not attend university – meaning his highest level of education was high school. At age 19, after working diligently between part-time jobs, he launched his own business. This was not all successful but it paved the way for him to know the basics of business environment.

Now, Michael is the director of Success Resources Australia, a company that brings the biggest names in business in over 500 events every year.

In this interview, Michael talks about a specific event invite, that changed his life forever. He shares stories and learnings he gained working on events with Robert Kiyosaki, Gary V, and Tony Robbins.

He also provides some tips to grow and improve business inflow. He also gives us his definition of success today.

In this episode, you will learn more about Michael’s successful business and family life. Get in touch with Michael at Linkedin and his business website Success Resources Australia.

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