Expert in Sabbaticals and Corporate Change, Lyndall Farley

Episode 081
Lyndall Farley is a woman who embraces and encourages change, both on the personal and professional level, as an individual and for organisations. She works with a variety of companies who wish to transform from within for the better.
Today’s guest has always been passionate about two things: travel and creating strategies. These two passions came together during her “mini life crisis” at 20 years old where she took a year off work, her first sabbatical, that would end up sparking her lifelong career. Now, Lyndall has taken a total of ten sabbaticals and has founded Beyond A Break, a company dedicated to allowing people to live their best lives by taking purposeful breaks from work. Meet Lyndall Farley.
Lyndall is all about balance. She discourages diving head on into one aspect of life and pushes for using travel as a catalyst for internal change. With a positive spirit and a systematic approach to transformation, she is an excellent example of a woman who knows how to work and play.

Lyndall Farley is a very fortunate woman. It is this recognition of the privileges she had as a child that opened her up to creating a business that would allow others to travel purposefully. As a young child in Sydney, Lyndall was exposed to her parents’ travel adventures when they were younger. This ignited in her a natural craving for travel and new experiences.

Upon earning a career in marketing where she had to undertake stressful work that did not fit her values, Lyndall had what she calls a life crisis at 20. At this young age, she explored the world for a year in order to get inspired and have a better mindset during what many call a “gap year.”

The success of this sabbatical changed Lyndall’s perspective as she learned to ask brave questions about her career, her future and her life. This inspired her to start Beyond A Break, a company dedicated to guiding people on their purposeful break from work.

It is Lyndall’s belief, based on her own experience, that sabbaticals with a clear purpose give way for personal and professional growth. Beyond A Break encourages companies worldwide to improve their employees’ well-being by providing this time off. In return, many employees report an improved work-life balance, physical health and overall confidence. Businesses all over the world rave of the success of these sabbaticals. Many businesses, small or big, claim that high levels of employee engagement can be attributed to these meaningful breaks.

Using sabbaticals as a catalyst for change is also directly related to her 10 years of work as a business strategist and consultant for various organisations. This is where Lyndall learned of the systematic ways in which change can be catapulted, not just for organisations but for individuals as well.

In this interview, Lyndall talks about what our fears can do to block change and how to open up to the necessary transformation that will push us forward. She discusses what an ideal sabbatical looks like and what it can do, as well as the factors to consider when planning to take a sabbatical. She talks about balance and bliss, and all the things she has done to achieve such states of happiness.

You can connect directly with Lyndall Farley through her LinkedIn profile. Beyond A Break’s website is also a great place to reach her and to learn more about her mission. You can also visit the company’s Facebook page for more information and lots of engaging content.

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