Strategies, Actions and Challenges. Responses To The Crisis Situation

Episode 097 B
This episode is a bit different as we are talking to several business owners to learn how they are responding to the current crisis situation.

Today’s guests are business owners and entrepreneurs. They come from different backgrounds and different industries. My special guests are: Sophie Den Hartog, Lauren Kress, Margriet Busman, Robert Westerhuis and Lyndall Farley.

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We will learn how these entrepreneurs are responding to the COVID-19 situation. The changes they have implemented, how they have pivoted their businesses and the challenges these changes have brought into their organisations.

Sophie Den Hartog
Sophie is a Psychologist and the co-founder of Fresh Habits.
Fresh Habits is a management consulting firm Based in the Netherlands
She specialises in change management and organisational behaviour

Lauren Kress
Lauren is The Business Scientist.
She is a Sydney based scientist, business coach and a fellow podcaster.
She helps businesses with content marketing strategies for online audience growth.

Margriet Busman and Robert Westerhuis
Margriet and Robert are the founders of Orange Minds.
Even though they are both based in Amsterdam, they facilitate design sprints all over the world.
Margriet has business and teaching qualifications and Robert has a degree in business administration and in change management.

Lyndall Farley
Lyndall is an Australian currently based in Europe.
She is an expert in sabbaticals and change management.
She has a degree in Internation business and financial analysis.

I want to thank them all for sharing their challenges, the strategies and the steps they are taking in order to continue moving forward. They share both their professional and personal experiences and give us advice on what has worked and what hasn’t worked so that other business owners and entrepreneurs are able to use these strategies within their own businesses.

Hope you find this episode useful!


You can connect with my guests via LinkedIn: Sophie Den Hartog, Lauren Kress, Margriet Busman, Robert Westerhuis and Lyndall Farley.

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