Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Jason Feifer

Episode 093
Jason Feifer is a natural-born storyteller. As the leader of one of the most important magazines worldwide, he puts his vision and perspective to good use by helping entrepreneurs and business owners tell their story and sharing these resources to readers everywhere.

Today’s guest is the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur, a magazine that plays an important role in reviving small businesses through the worldwide pandemic we are currently experiencing. His ability to see through negativity and find solutions there contributes to the success of the magazine and his life in general. Jason’s fearlessness and level-headedness makes him the perfect storyteller amidst all the chaos in the business world. Meet Jason Feifer.

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Jason Feifer is a man who is not afraid of a challenge. In fact, he thrives most when he looks at problems and identifies what needs to be done to transform them. His communication abilities, along with his ability to criticise and correct, allows him to change people’s minds about the changes and experiences that daunt them. Jason Feifer is a realist and his objectiveness provides a strong anchor for writers and business owners alike.

Jason Feifer grew up studying English and Philosophy but ended up falling in love with journalism. To him, journalism was a way to open doors into peoples’ worlds so we can all learn from each other’s stories. He intuitively understood his ability to gather information and turn it into captivating narratives that readers can enjoy.

His success came from taking calculated risks and seeing stability not as a stopping point but as a call for more growth. By consciously looking at his abilities and questioning what more he needs to learn, Jason acquired plenty of skills to put him at the top of the tier. Jason Feifer is now in the position to use his own voice to tell stories in different forms, a position afforded to him by years of learning and challenging his own capacity. This position is Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Today, Jason Feifer continues to surround himself with people who offer different perspectives and are not afraid to challenge his abilities. He works hard to remain accessible to his audience and strives to share stories that change people’s lives. As a rule, Jason appreciates people who tell stories of struggle over those who boast of their success. That is why through this worldwide crisis, Jason sees opportunities and has perpetual hope that this reshuffling will bring out the best in everyone.

In this episode, Jason Feifer talks about his journey towards success, how he reached the top job at Entrepreneur Magazine and all the best qualities necessary for both business and personal growth. He discusses how people can learn from each other and how every single crisis can be resolved with resilience, hope, and staying open enough to see opportunities that fulfil each other’s needs.


You can connect with Jason Fiefer through his LinkedIn account, or by visiting the Entrepreneur Magazine website



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