Copywriting Legend, Best-Selling Author, Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Drayton Bird

Episode 133
Drayton Bird is an icon for a reason. His work is driven by a disciplined perfectionism necessary in his field. It is his insatiable curiosity, however, that makes him like no other.

Today’s guest is a world-renowned copywriter and innovator. He sees the art and science of copywriting as a detail-driven realm. He is constantly creating good stories in his own and other’s minds. Meet Drayton Bird.

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Why is Drayton Bird considered a copywriting and Marketing Legend? Why was he presented with the Lifetime Achievement award?

Drayton has mastered the art and science of writing messages in any medium (including print, online and television) in order to persuade people in doing things. This is why he is so well known in the marketing and copywriting industries.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode.

4:33 – Importance of research
10:50 – Best personal traits
19:02 – Getting the work started
23:40 – Best lessons from mentors
27:39 – Asking and listening
28:30 – New people


Drayton Bird is an expert on how to elicit a response. He is driven by a desire to succeed and a commitment to honour his staff, his clients and his customers.

Drayton Bird is a copywriter extraordinaire. He is both simple and complicated, in the best ways. It’s no wonder he has achieved great success in his career. He is the kind of person who has no limits on how and where he explores. His mind is not simply made for copywriting. He notices and appreciates the world at large.

He is able to generate great ideas simply because he never stops looking, anywhere and everywhere. His personal recordings during his walks are a treasure box of ideas. He always has plenty of ideas lying around. Drayton Bird believes in people: their eccentricities, their desires, their very humanity. He creates all kinds of stories that touch our emotions. It is because he knows how to start one, because he understands what we want to hear.

Aside from curiosity, Drayton Bird also loves to nitpick his own ideas. His process of writing and rewriting is a portrait of true discipline and testing the limits. A project can occupy his days as he works tirelessly on understanding what both client and audience need.

In this interview, Drayton Bird shares nuggets of wisdom on both copywriting and life. He helps us understand what makes a good copywriter, and reminds us that it is all about the people.


You can connect with Drayton Bird through his official website,, and

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