Doctor, Eye Surgeon, Chairman of Sight For All, and Australian of the Year, James Muecke

Episode 126
James Muecke has helped and healed many patients across the globe. A man of science who is as resilient as he is smart, he is more than just an eye surgeon and doctor.

Today’s guest is a world-renowned eye surgeon and chairman of his advocacy and his organisation ‘Sight For All’, where they aim to create a world where everyone can see. His passion for medicine and dedication to helping the less fortunate is inspiring. To top it all, James is also 2020’s Australian of the Year. Meet James Muecke.

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How does helping people change one’s life? Australian of the Year and esteemed surgeon James Muecke is here to share his story.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with James Muecke:

  • 2:45 – Blindness and diabetes, how to increase your health and fasting.
  • 17:00 – Importance on change and being adaptable
  • 20:37 – Resilience
  • 27:11 – Filtering
  • 41:00 – Curiosity and lots of other topics
James Muecke is a man of resilience. He is no longer a practising surgeon but he was able to transform his career into something bigger than surgery.

James Muecke has spent decades as a surgeon, providing medical assistance all over the world. He specializes in eye surgery and has helped many who have suffered from various diseases. As blindness is a complication from diabetes, he has spent a lot of his time preaching about how to prevent this life-altering condition.

Meanwhile, James Muecke himself has been on the receiving end of a devastating degenerative disease. A year after his diagnosis, his condition eventually prevented him from performing surgery. Today, James Muecke is focused on his advocacy known as Sight For All.

James Muecke still puts his expertise and experience into good use. He shares his insights on resilience. It is a trait he built by courageously transforming his career when faced with a huge setback. He also advocates awareness about diabetes and the many ways we can change our lives by changing our diet.

Above all, it is James Muecke positive mindset and deep desire to help the world that makes him the Australian of the Year. He believes the work he did for the poor across the globe unleashed his humanitarian spirit and made all the difference on who he is now.


You can connect with James Muecke and his mission through the Sight For All page. He is also accessible on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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