Brand & Content Experts, Tristan Velasco and Lindsay Rogers

Episode 079
Tristan Velasco and Lindsay Rogers run and enrich their business through their values. Their sincere desire to ignite meaningful conversations between brands and their audience makes them one of the best in the game.
Today’s guests are award-winning entrepreneurs and long-time friends, Tristan and Lindsay. An impulse to start a business led to a year of exploring a brand and content agency that flourished into a strong company. With their core values and incredible , they are now on their way to sustainability and continuous growth. Meet Lindsay Rogers and Tristan Velasco.
Lindsay and Tristan are team players. They built their company on a stable foundation and aim to bring to life their client’s vision through consciously developing stories with heart. Their mission is to add value to anything their minds and hands touch.

Chello was born over shared bottles of beer and a common goal of giving good service to good brands. By good, they mean brands that fit their values and match their vision. The same goes for finding people to join their team.

From their initial decision to jump in and create their own company, Chello has blossomed into an award-winning agency with highly competent individuals manning a well-oiled machine. Lindsay and Tristan continue to strive for more while keeping their values intact. They are inspired by the network of entrepreneurs who support and mentor them as they face every year’s challenges, experiences that mold them to become better leaders.

The bar keeps raising for Chello as they gain recognition. These amazing directors are currently taking on the challenge of making their agency unique and unforgettable by building, harnessing and valuing strong relationships. Their people–both the ones they work with and work for–mean the world to them.

In this interview, Tristan and Lindsay share their views on travel, growth and what gives them happiness despite the hectic lifestyle they now have. It is evident in this conversation how much the two value their work and consider it a privilege to provide the wonderful service that makes them stand out.

You can connect with Tristan Velasco and Lindsay Rogers through their respective LinkedIn accounts. Chello also has its own beautiful website and Instagram account.

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