Australian Antarctic Division Director, Kim Ellis

Episode 105
Kim Ellis is a man of constant curiosity. His thirst for knowledge led him to an amazing variety of careers where he excelled in grabbing momentum and making courageous decisions.

Today’s guest is a respected man in a unique and important field: He is responsible for the Australian Antarctic Division. He is a resourceful leader who creatively produces solutions. Independent and self-reliant, he shares these qualities to his team and teaches them to practice resilience through any challenge. Meet Kim Ellis.

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Kim Ellis is not afraid to make mistakes. As a decision-maker, he has confidence in his instinct, his knowledge, as well as in his ability to bounce back. Despite being his own man, he also values acknowledging his vulnerability, which allows him to reach out to others for guidance.

Kim Ellis grew up in the suburbs, with parents who emphasised education and knowledge. The entire family valued life-long learning. His grandfather helped mould his character and everyone encouraged him to be both curious and brave.

As he grew older, Kim had the privilege to take various career paths that held all kinds of lessons and experiences. His willingness to step into uncertainty and face all sorts of challenges shaped the man he is today. Kim believes that putting one foot in front of the other is the only way to live. He doesn’t see mistakes as detrimental to his mission, but as lessons for the road ahead.

Resilient, resourceful and courageous, Kim now leads the Australian Antarctic Division. In his job, he is asked to manage a team of people but he also looks for leaders who show drive and initiative. Kim likes to work with people who are not satisfied with the way things are, people who create new ways of thinking and doing.

In this interview, Kim Ellis talks about how he makes tough decisions and faces different challenges. He also shares how he handles change and how he builds resilience.


You can connect with Kim Ellis and stay updated on his projects through his LinkedIn profile. You can learn more about the Australian Antarctic Division by visiting their website.

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