Director International Relations and Partnerships, Kirk Doyle

Episode 002
My guest today is one of the key people responsible for opening Australian Education to the world. Kirk Doyle.

I think, today’s guest is one of the most likeable people in the Australian Education industry (I have never heard anybody talk badly about him). He is widely admired for creating long-lasting partnerships locally and internationally to enhance the student experience and Australian Education in general. My guest today is Kirk Doyle.

He has been and is directly responsible for creating long lasting partnerships with education institutions from around the world.

Kirk Doyle is currently responsible all the International Relations and Partnership at ACU. He is widely admired for creating long-lasting partnerships locally and internationally. And all of this to enhance the student’s experience and Australian education in general. In an industry distracted by growth and profits and being commercially viable, he remains focused on success through partnerships and the best interests of students.

Kirk grew up in Sydney and graduated as an Architect. He then travelled throughout Europe and started working at Australian universities when he came back to Sydney.

Since then Kirk has managed Study Abroad and Exchange teams, Partnerships and International Relations, and the English Language Centres at several Australian Universities.

He has created lots of active agreements with educational institutions and universities from all over the world and has presented at international Education conferences on topics related to international education and international relations.

In this interview, you will learn how Kirk’s traits and characteristics had a great impact on his career. Also, you will learn all the positive aspects of going abroad and how all his experiences, changes and challenges helped him to be a great leader.
Kirk will also share advice on what team leaders look for when hiring new staff, and tips for people starting their careers (or wanting to move) in Education and International relations.

Enjoy the interview and leave your comments below if you would like to know something else about this particular line of work.

In this episode you will learn what traits does he have that makes staff follow him and want to continuously want to work with him,
what Kirk thinks are the characteristics of a team leader should have, Kirk’s secret weapon when hiring somebody and his advice for young generations trying to take the same path he is taking among other tips and advice.

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