Director Future Global Innovation at Adidas, Christopher Robertson

Episode 097
Christopher Robertson is a man of innovation. Dedicated to setting a new path that benefits many, his skills and knowledge make him an excellent leader that pushes footwear and clothing technology forward.

Today’s guest is the director of one of the most important divisions for Adidas: Global Future Innovation. He is able to transform existing concepts and materials to create better products in line with his company’s values. Christopher’s leadership and hard work have led to various successful projects. He is a man who is both analytical and driven. Meet Christopher Robertson.

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Christopher Robertson focus on improving his skills and spearheaded decisiveness illustrates the importance of perfecting the basics. He does his job well by aligning his energy with his vision. He emphasises the importance of being process-oriented over obsessing over results.

Christopher Robertson was born in Scotland where he enjoyed the outdoors. He was raised in Glasgow and eventually moving to Germany. He explored the world of skiing which led him to the many opportunities that make him the man he is now.

Christopher’s desire to collaborate with innovative people, challenge existing perspectives and adapting a consumer-centric mindset led to amazing accomplishments in the footwear industry.

A couple of role models he’s had and that gave him advice he uses today are:

  • David Hieatt which told Christopher “do one thing well” and “get the basics right” and
  • Jan Chipchase inspired him from an innovation discipline and methodology perspective.

As a leader, he urges others to bring something of value to any project by looking at all the possibilities the future holds.

More than anything, Christopher values curiosity and the practical use of knowledge. His determination and resilience allowed him to adapt to various cultures and ways of thinking. Christopher longs for a transformational shift in all his projects. Always grounded, he values knowing his purpose and mission, walking his why every step of the way.

In this interview, Christopher Robertson talks about the creative ways he has faced obstacles in his career. He shares about the value of failure and discusses the role it plays on innovation and self-improvement.


You can connect with Christopher Robertson through his LinkedIn profile.

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