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Episode 010
My guest today was named the ‘Startup CEO of the Year” by CEO Magazine. My guest today is Anurag Chakradhar.

Today’s guest arrived in Sydney Australia close to 20 years ago. He was an International student and worked his way up to becoming CEO of the year, managing an award-winning digital agency that has worked with Aussie legends such as Mark Webber. He also created a communications tool & app called “Blrt”. My guest today is Anurag Chakradhar.

Anurag came to Australia as a student. He did his Master of Digital Media degree at The University of Sydney. Once he graduated he took a year off and travelled around the world before returning to Australia to start his agency.

Anurag arrived from India in 1999. He was raised in New Delhi, India in a family of artists. He came to Sydney to undertake a Masters degree in Digital Media. He then was employed by one of the most prominent advertising agencies in the country. Everything was going as planned when he suddenly lost his job. What he didn’t know is that this situation opened him to a future in entrepreneurship, but not before he travelled around the world for an entire year.

Once he came back to Australia, he started his own digital agency Think Unthinkable which he then renamed Thinkun. His agency started working with some of the biggest local brands including Adobe, Master Card, ABC, GoGet, The University of Sydney and others.

The whole idea of Thinkun was to create a digital marketing agency where the client would receive all the necessary services from a single place. They can build the website, run social campaigns, develop dynamic content and social media marketing strategies, and optimise any component of digital marketing for lead conversion maximisation.

Anurg’s current focus is on Blrt.
Blrt is an app that enables you to talk, point and draw over images, documents and websites. You interact with the page using your hands and voice to record and share your thoughts with others. It’s just like a conversation, without needing to be available at the same time

In this interview, you will learn why Anurag thinks that creativity is so important in any line of work, how he plans, organises and prioritises his projects and why he thinks “Blrt” (pronounced Blurt) fills a large gap in the collaboration market.

Enjoy the interview and leave your comments below if you would like to know something else about this particular line of work.

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