Death Over Dinner and EOL Founder, Entrepreneur and Author, Michael Hebb

Episode 129
Michael Hebb is a visionary of vulnerability and mortality. He created his organizations to provide an open and accepting space for people to talk about death and, more importantly, life.

Today’s guest is the founder of two innovative organizations, Death Over Dinner and EOL. He allows others to reflect on and connect with the idea of the afterlife in order to treasure the present. Meet Michael Hebb.

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What is it like to talk about death, with a group of people, over dinner? Michael Hebb shares the story of this radical concept.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Michael Hebb:

  • 7:57 – Resilience
  • 15:16 – Going beyond trauma
  • 20:45 – Death Over Dinner
  • 26:00 – Confronting mortality
  • 31:49 – How to talk about death
  • 36:33 – Responses to Death Over Dinner


Michael Hebb believes in the power of stillness and courage to help confront fear. He caters to people’s desires to be vulnerable and to connect. He created platforms that promote healing, intimacy, awareness and self-love.

Michael Hebb offers his time and unique perspective to help ease suffering. By facing the idea of death, he believes we get closer to understanding why we are here. He believes that healing and self-love can be achieved in various ways. Apart from mindfulness, therapy and plant medicine, Michael Hebb highly recommends confronting our traumas and fears. And what brings more trauma and fear than death?

Death Over Dinner is an “interactive adventure” wherein people freely converse about death: the reality of it and its inevitability. It is a form of group healing where empathy is key and honesty is a must. After all, Michael Hebb believes that facing and talking about our death is a powrerful medicine. By considering death, we become more aware of life. By knowing what it means to die, we learn what it means to be alive.

EOL, on the other hand, prepares us and our loved ones for the worst. In death, pain will always be present but suffering can be lessened. Michael Hebb believes that if we know how to honour each other meaningfully when death arrives, our grief will be of less intensity and duration.

It is through these platforms that Michael Hebb sees the beauty of humanity, born from our authenticity and vulnerability. In this interview, Michael Hebb talks about the structure and importance of Death Over Dinner. He also shares his ideas on resilience and human connection.


You can connect with Michale Hebb through the official websites of his organizations:, and EOL.Community.

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