Dealing With Challenging and Difficult Coversations, Mark McPherson

Episode 040
Mark McPherson’s top accomplishment is not limited to himself, he is also the advisor of many Australian businesses and their leaders.
Today’s guest is passionate about psychology. Now, Mark is on a mission to help CEOs, managers, business owners and their staff get the best practice behaviour. Meet Mark McPherson.
Mark has worn many hats. He has a background in primary education, a qualification in health service and work experience with the police. All this brought him to where he is today.

Mark was born in the southern suburbs of Sydney. He studied a Bachelor of Science major in Geology and Soil Science.

Mark went to the university because it was something everyone did. He was good enough to get in. But at 20 years old, Mark didn’t know what he wanted to be. He later found himself as a primary school teacher, a health professional and even working with police – all these he enjoyed but he thought he wanted to do something else.

Working alongside the most hardworking and talented people, across various disciplines, led Mark to realise his interest in professional management.

Now, Mark’s work centres on helping CEOs, managers, business owners and their staff create workplaces where people work together in harmony as well as helping them deal with awkward, difficult conversations and interactions.

In this interview, Mark shares his journey to success and happiness. He offers valuable insights on workplace behaviour, classroom management as well as a glimpse of his work on personal conversation scripts. Mark also offers his top advice for people wanting a career change or those just looking to start one.

In this episode, you will learn more about Mark’s career life. If you’d like to get in touch with Mark, connect with him via Linkedin

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