Creators of ‘The Daily Talk Show’, Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen

Episode 091
Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen are as career-driven as they are people-oriented. With over 600 episodes, their ability to come up with creative ways to explore various topics makes them a terrific duo to listen to daily.

Today’s guests are the amazing hosts of The Daily Talk Show podcast who are followed and admired by many. Their humour and wit are something listeners look forward to on a daily basis. Tommy and Josh’s incredible rapport has been built through the years. Their professional and personal relationship is a remarkable portrait of both growth and triumph. They are living examples of how investing in partnerships can create life-changing opportunities. Meet Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen.
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Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen are not just podcast hosts: they are media moguls in the making. Their business-mindedness along with their hard work make for a successful venture that still ignites passion and innovation in their hearts and minds. Tommy and Josh know how to dream big and to narrow down. Their plans are as concrete as they are flexible, opening themselves to more opportunities in line with their values.

Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen are both native Australians. Growing up with a sense of independence and curiosity, both men have been led to fruitful careers even before getting into podcasting. The two first met at a shoot in 2008 where Tommy was the talent and Josh was the one who took his video. It would be years before they reconnect once more, despite crossing paths in the media industry now and then.

Now, they have a well-known podcast that works for both men and women as a reliable source of fun and facts. Both of them are natural storytellers and these strengths have been harnessed even more through the years. Tommy and Josh have the knack of finding interesting topics from the most random places. Amidst all the humour and entertainment, they also get into self-awareness and self-development. The Daily Talk Show continues to be a work in progress that allows both of them to grow.

However, their podcast is just one of three ventures that Tommy and Josh invest their time and energy on. The two also create content for various clients, making sure to exercise their creative muscles with challenging projects that sustain their business. Tommy and Josh are both practical as they are creative, going through their business one step at a time but always with the bigger picture in mind.

In this episode, Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen talk about how they have survived and thrived in the podcast industry for so long. They discuss how problems can turn into solutions, the power of creative thinking, and the importance of doing something you love every day.


You can connect with these two podcasters and entrepreneurs through their podcast and company websites Big Media Company  and The Daily Talk Show.  You can also connect with Josh Janssen and Tommy Jackett via Linkedin.

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