BLUEY creator, animator and writer, Joe Brumm

Episode 114
Joe Brumm is a decisive leader and a dedicated father. With an Emmy-winning show streamed by Disney and Youku, he has created a wonderful legacy for Australia and for his family.

Today’s guest is the creator of the well-loved kids TV show, BLUEY. His ability to create a magical world through ordinary characters make this animator truly remarkable. Meet Joe Brumm.

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Joe Brumm created BLUEY out of a familiar formula that he has given his unique spin and flavour. His insight as both a father and animator allowed him to create an amazing show appreciated across generations, and now and EMMY award-winning show streamed in the ABC (Australia), BBC (England), Disney (USA) and Youku (China).

Joe Brumm has always been fond of bringing his imagination to life. It is apparent in the games he played as a kid, the drawings he created as a young boy, and every step he took since then. Working for years as an animator, he has learned all there is to know about his craft.

Combine that with a natural instinct to lead and you’ve got a creator who strives to answer every question thrown his way. As a leader, Joe appreciates both teamwork and individual flair. He also cares deeply about the details and has thought through all the elements that created his characters.

Joe Brumm is also a family man, and it is his daughter that inspired such a relatable show that both parents and kids can enjoy. It is through the hard work dedicated in executing his idea that Joe and his TV show has thrived.

In this interview, Joe Brumm talks about the inspiration behind BLUEY and what it takes to run a popular kids show. He also shares his insights on creativity and leadership.


You can connect with Joe Brumm through his email, info {at} studiojoho [dot] com. and his studio Studio Joho.

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