Creator of Best Rum in the World – PARCE RUM, Brojen Fernandes

Episode 119
Brojen Fernandes is a man of tradition and innovation. Succeeding in a beautiful industry, he upholds his family’s legacy while leaving his own footprint in the world of rum.

Today’s guest is a rum blender from Colombia who makes the best rum in the world. His creativity and passion is matched by his hard work and dedication to making top-notch liquor. Meet Brojen Fernandes.

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Brojen Fernandes is a goal-oriented leader who shares his dreams with his companions. He finds both peace and abundance in creating rum for himself and for the world.

Brojen Fernandes was born into a world of liquor. His grandfather has been making sherry, brandy and wine for the British market for the longest time. Influenced strongly by his Spanish lineage, he acquired both the business and the skills necessary to make Parce Rum the giant it is today.

Parce Rum is the result of years of tradition and expertise combined with innovative business strategies. It is Colombia’s premium rum that has brought both pride and joy due to its excellence and delicate flavour. Their 8-year and 12-year bottles prove how time does make things grow more beautiful.

As a brand, Parce (which means “friend”) prizes human connection and bringing people together. Their drinks are blended and bottled by hand in Colombia, showing dedication and belief in the purity of their rum. During this pandemic, however, Parce Rum has levelled up in innovation and altruism. They now also create hospital-grade alcohol to help during this crisis.

In this interview, Brojen Fernandes talks about his family history and how it has shaped him and Parce Rum. He also shares the creative process and some intricacies of rum-making.


You can connect with Brojen Fernandes through his Linkedin profile

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