Creating Drinkable Water Systems in Developing Countries, Ajay Chouhan

Episode 058
Ajay Chouhan is an engineer. He drove himself out of Australia, embraced the creative and innovative aspect of his work and has never wanted to look back since.
Today’s guest took the risk of quitting a stable and good paying job to try something new. He did that one thing that many would be afraid to do – leave a stable salary to go overseas and improve lives in poverty-stricken nations. Meet Ajay Chouhan.
Ajay is a curious individual. He is most interested in findings ways on how to make a difference in people’s lives.

Ajay was born in the United Kingdom but moved and grew up in an Indian community in Zimbabwe. He looks up to his father the most – an analytical person who shaped up the way Ajay sees life.

From a conservative community in Zimbabwe, Ajay was forced to move to Australia to continue his studies. He attended school and completed a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sydney.

He went to work in construction and building services. He then decided to quit his job and try something different – to grow personally as well as professionally.

Later, Ajay got involved in Engineers Without Borders, an organisation working to help various developing countries predominantly in Asia. Among the projects he worked with include housing developments, sanitation and water supply.

Now, Ajay has been flying to and from Cambodia working in development, addressing water related issues specifically unsafe drinking water as well as agricultural challenges in the country.

In this interview, Ajay talks about growing up in an Indian community in Zimbabwe and the technology he uses in his development projects.

Ajay shares some tips for people looking to book that flight, leave things behind and face a change. He also talks about success and happiness.

In this episode, you will learn more about Ajay’s sustainable work for Cambodia. Connect with Ajay and support his work at

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