Coaching small businesses and podcast host, Paul Higgins

Episode 059
Paul is a great thinker. His journey to a successful life started when he decided it’s was time to leave a high-paying job with a world-renowned company, and start his own business.
Today’s guest is passionate about entrepreneurship. Now, he is on a mission to help small businesses around the world transform into multi-million dollar companies.  He is also the host of the Corporate Escapees podcast, where people who left their jobs talk about their key challenges, insights, practical advice and actionable tips to succeed. Meet Paul Higgins.
Paul is a mentor, coach, adviser and a seasoned entrepreneur.

Paul describes his childhood as an interesting stage of his life, as his family often moved from one place to another. With the constantly changing environment, Paul learned to embrace change and think global.

Straight from university, with two Bachelors of Business, Paul was offered a role at Coca-cola – something he didn’t always wanted to do as he told himself he would never work for the same company as his father’s. This opportunity taught him to focus on what he was best – entrepreneurship.

And so he did, he left the beverage giant to start his own company. Within a couple of years, he was able to build and grow a firm from nothing to a whopping $300 million.
Now, Paul is the owner and founder of an advisory firm, where he does some Mastermind. However, all this success was no easy feat for Paul. He was also faced with a number of challenges, including having to deal with health issues.

In this interview, Paul talks about the companies he built and successfully sold. He shares his learnings and experiences from the corporate environment, as well as his realisations now that he runs his own company.

Paul offers top advice for people looking to leave the corporate world and are planning to start a business. He also provides insights on how to successfully delegate a business.

In this episode, you will learn more about Paul’s inspiring career. Connect with my guest via his LinkedIn and through the website

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