Coach, Head of Knowledge & Strategy Hassell, Mark J Bray

Episode 028
Mark J Bray defies the notion that achieving higher education is the only key to success.

Today’s guest didn’t attend university – a less traditional route but a journey that paid him off big time. He is a business coach, and head of the knowledge and strategy team in one of Australia’s top architecture firms. Meet Mark J Bray.

Mark has a wealth of experience in the construction industry and has worked on high-profile projects such as the Swiss Re building and Wembley Stadium in London. He is also an executive coach and a leadership mentor.

While it’s by no means the best option to a successful life – Mark left high school at the age of 16 , he doesn’t recommend it but he managed to make the most of his time outside the walls of a uni.

Born in England, Mark spent his childhood with his supportive parents and dreaming of being a football player. However, this did not happen as planned. He then decided to leave school, without a career path in mind, Mark started working in for a Quality Surveyor company. He embraced the apprenticeship and other training made available to him.

After many years in the industry, He was made redundant following the recession. His first business venture also suffered from bankruptcy. However, the work ethics he had learn, and and exceptional, quick learner and hard worker that he is, Mark grabbed career opportunities that came his way. Performing roles he knew nothing about, brought him to work with high-calibre architects all over the world such as Foster and Partners, as well as involved in high-profile projects including Swiss Re building and Wembley Stadium in London.
Now, Mark works with Hassell, one of the biggest architecture companies in Australia and top thirty in the world, as the Head of Knowledge and Strategy.

Mark is also a mentor and Coach. He helps an array of people, from someone starting their professional journey to top executives and business personalities. He is passionate about leadership.

In this interview, Mark talks about his role in Hassell as head of knowledge and strategy. He shares some valuable findings and research his team has been working on. He also talks about success and genuine happiness.

In this episode, you will learn more about Mark’s valuable life lessons and the road to success. He also offers advice to students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you’d like to get in touch with Mark, you can connect with him via LinkedIn.

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