‘Finder.com’ Co-founder & Director of , Fred Schebesta

Episode 086
Fred Schebesta is a driven leader. Positive and resilient, he reached great heights in his professional life because of his innate curiosity and refusal to quit no matter what challenge he faces.

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur who runs a successful international business through Finder.com. Through his courage, Fred explored many experiences that led to an even stronger sense of independence and grit. Fred has achieved massive success as a business owner. However, he is constantly inspired to be the leader who can lovingly motivate and challenge others to do great things. Meet Fred Schebesta.

Fred is a man of confidence and good-natured stoicism. He is a constant source of inspiration as in all the hardships he has faced, he is able to see the opportunities waiting for him. Fred’s ability to be a ruthless leader with a heart fuels his success in many facets in his life.

Fred always finds the courage to follow his curiosity. He has always been an explorer, a kid who chooses the outdoors over any gadget. He was fortunate enough to have parents who allowed him to explore his world. He also had grandparents who instilled the value of diligence and ambition.

Through constant trial and error, his ability to make decisions has been harnessed. Fred is all about learning from everyone and mixing ideas to create his own solutions, as seen in his work with Finder.com. Fred prides himself on his intuition and ability to understand the data to come up with a “holistic decision” that works for everyone.

Fred sees every problem as an opportunity. To him, good and bad does not really exist as every situation can be transformed for one’s own benefit. He achieves this sense of clarity by giving his brain the space to come up with ideas without any interference. Parenting has even become a learning opportunity for him as a businessman. Fred has been gifted with more empathy and saw more value in his limited time when he became a family man.

In this interview, Fred teaches us all about being a good businessman and being a great leader. He shares some key tips on starting and selling a business, how he views success and how he strives to steer away from mediocrity to achieve greatness.


You can connect with Fred Schebesta through his website and  Linkedin.

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