FLOW Hive Co-Founder and Inventor, Stuart Anderson

Episode 113
Stuart Anderson is a simple man with a big dream. Through years of tirelessly working and having fun inventing, he and his son (Cedar Anderson) have invented a unique product now being enjoyed worldwide: FLOW Hive.

Today’s guest is the co-inventor and co-founder of FLOW Hive, a beekeeping unit that has been created for all types of beekeepers. His efforts allow many enthusiasts to harvest honey efficiently and more joyfully. Meet Stuart Anderson.

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Stuart Anderson treated his time inventing FLOW Hive, as an adventure with his son. His dedication to both beekeeping and his family led to a one-of-a-kind invention that has never been achieved before.

Stuart Anderson was born to a family invested in beekeeping and beehiving. What started with his father is now an enterprise enjoyed by his children and grandchildren. A special partnership that brought him and his son Cedar closer than ever is now a certified phenomenon, selling over 100,000 units worldwide.

FLOW Hive is a device that harvests fresh honey, allowing it to flow out of the hive, straight to your jar. Before this invention was brought to life, Stuart had already been extremely curious. He finds fun in applying his skills and knowledge, as well as in helping others and the environment. For Stuart Anderson, it is all about noticing and paying attention to what is needed and what he can do about it.

With the success of FLOW Hive brought a variety of challenges. Fortunately, Stuart’s sense of purpose and gratitude made him embrace the process. Through time, FLOW Hive has gone through plenty of production, aesthetic and functional improvements based on feedback and collaboration.

In this interview, Stuart Anderson shares the story of FLOW Hive, one of the most successful crowdfunding innovations of all time. He also talks about the importance of bees and the joy of beekeeping.


You can order your own hive from FLOW Hive’s official website. For more information on beekeeping, visit TheBeekeper.Org.


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