Chief Lifeguard Bondi Beach, Lawrie Williams

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My guest today is a Sydney legend. He grew up in rough Paddington an inner Sydney suburb and discovered the beach as his sanctuary.

The beach, surf and the ocean became the way to change his life when we went from surfy 17 year old to Bondi lifeguard.
BUT he didn’t stop there. He became the Chief lifeguard of one of the world most famous beaches, Bondi Beach.
He saved lives for more than 20 years. I’m extremely happy and honoured to have as my guest today is Lawrie Williams.

He became the head lifeguard of Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi.

Lawrie Williams was the head lifeguard at Australia’s most famous beach: Bondi Beach. All of this, before the famous TV Program ‘Bondi Rescue’ was even on TV.

Lawrie grew up in rough Paddington. He started boxing in his suburb before discovering the beach lifestyle and joining the Bondi surf club. This was the turning point of his life.

When Lawrie was 19 years old he transitioned from a young surfer to being a lifeguard. It is here where he had the opportunity to start as the surf club caretaker and was then offered a job to be the beach inspector (which was the term used at the time of a lifeguard). It was at this time when he also started a cleaning company. This would not only help maintain the surf club to standards but he also started cleaning apartments and houses all over the city. He also owned a security business. He started working with small hotels and pubs, which then started to provide security to the biggest hotels in the city. It was here where he became the chief lifeguard for Bondi Beach, and all the skills learned from his businesses helped him transform the Bondi Beach lifeguards into what they are today.

In this interview, you will learn all of Lawrie’s experiences, failures, changes and challenges that helped him transform the Bondi lifesaver’s team and surf club.

Listen to Lawerie’s interview today!

In this episode, you will learn the traits that made Lawrie successful, Lawrie’s secret weapon when hiring someone, The thing he did not want to do BUT did anyway in order to become the Bondi’s head Lifeguard.

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