Changing & Pivoting in Crisis Situations, Stagekings Director, Jeremy Fleming

Episode 098 B
This episode focuses on how Jeremy Fleming pivoted his company Stagekings from almost certain foreclosure into a thriving success.

Six weeks ago Stagekings and Jeremy Flemings were designing and producing massive structures for Music and Arts Festivals, Corporate Events, Brand Activations and Sporting Events. They were also supplying scaffold structures for VIP decks and viewing platforms at events.  They are now producing and selling furniture.

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This is a story of how a business can pivot successfully. What Jeremy Fleming and his team have achieved is amazing. Something we can all learn from.

Jeremy Fleming took a business that created massive structures into a business that produces desks and small furniture items.

They are calling them the ISOKING (Isolation King Furniture). The items are made from Birch Ply. The desk looks great and have an easy setup and takedown design (no screws necessary). The IsoKing desks are delivered to your door and comes in 4 pieces that you can slot together in about 30 seconds

I want to thank Jeremy for sharing his story, the challenges, strategies and the steps he and his team members took in order to continue moving forward and thrive. Jeremy shares both professional and personal experiences and gives us advice on how they made this whole change work.

Hope you find this episode useful!

Below is the letter that Jeremy wrote to his staff.

This then became viral and as a result have sold more than 4000 pieces of furniture.

Letter taken from

Stagekings… it’s time to pivot!
Excerpt from an open message to Stagekings’ loyal supporters, written on 22 March 2020 (just days after the collapse of the Australian Live Event Industry) by Stagekings Managing Director Jeremy Fleming:

Tab, Mick and I couldn’t be more proud of the team that’s helped us get Stagekings to where it is today, or should I say where it was just days ago.

Our team is so much more than just our full-time staff based at our warehouse in Kurnell. We work with a hugely diverse and talented team of scaffolders, carpenters, designers, support staff and labourers. Together, we specialise in creating incredible and truly unique structures for some of the country’s largest and most renowned events and festivals, in stadiums and event sites all over Australia.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Australian live events industry experienced an immediate, and complete shutdown, and in the space of just 48 hours, our entire income and job list for the remainder of 2020 (and beyond) was cancelled, with no end in sight. It was the first national industry to completely fall over due to the crisis, and it happened very, very quickly.

We were half way through building a massive set for Formula 1. We were half way through building possibly the largest truss structure in the country at Ninja Warrior. We were half way through bumping out our epic 2m diameter stainless steel cricket balls from T-20 World Cup. We were having discussions with dozens of event companies about building some awesome stuff this year.

The mixture of emotions we’ve felt, as I’m sure you have too, over the past days (and weeks) is frankly impossible for me to put into words. We had no choice but to make massive cuts to our business. Letting all of our hard working, loyal staff go has been too much to bear, and it has hurt me to the core.

But here at Stagekings, we do things differently – we’re not just saying that – we actually do. We are super proud of our creative reputation. We try to get better every day – be more creative, give better service, go harder, bigger. Every time.

So whilst we have felt bitter disappointment, we found the emotion has very quickly morphed into a sense of sheer determination. We will fight hard, and somehow, make it work.

A suggestion came out of the darkness this week from a close friend over in Ireland, the legendary Steve Fox of Flying Elephant Productions. He reminded us that we have a CNC Router, and the people to use it. We have a large warehouse that is kitted out with state of the art carpentry machines, and we have a huge team of specialist and trusted tradespeople on hand. We also now have entire companies, no, industries, having to work from home in Isolation.

So, we have decided to produce work-from-home desks – ‘isolation desks’. As a nod to Stagekings, we’re going to call them The IsoKing desks.

We aren’t sure how it will go, but in true Stagekings style, we will sure as hell give it our all. Most importantly for us, we are hoping that this project will keep a number of our good crew off the street and back in work. We also think it’s an appropriate time to give back and share the love, so we’ll also be donating $10 from every order to Support Act – who are supporting workers in the Australian Event Industry who have been – and will continue to be – impacted by COVID-19.

We hope to be back building amazing stages and unique structures for events and festivals before long, but in the meantime we hope we can help you with your work from home needs.

Now, let’s see how this turns out….


You can connect with Jeremy Fleming via LinkedIn .

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