Career Advisor, Interview Preparation Expert and LinkedIn Content Advisor, Kirsty Bonner

Episode 123
Kirsty Bonner is a woman of both resilience and kindness. Through persistent hard work and selflessness, she has provided quality advice to millions of people on LinkedIn.

Today’s guest is a LinkedIn Content Advisor who works as a consultant for job interviews and career change. Her dedication to getting her clients and followers hired is what attracts abundance and success into her career and life. Meet Kirsty Bonner.

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What can we learn from Kirsty Bonner, Career Advisor, Interview Preparation Expert and LinkedIn Content Advisor?

Sadly, Kirsty is no longer with us.
This interview was recorded a couple of weeks before her passing.
Hope this helps many and shows you why she was the LinkedIn force she was.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Kirsty Bonner:

1:28 – Adaptability and resilience
6:50 – Creativity
13:14 – Best personality traits
17:56 – Advice to job seekers


Kirsty Bonner adds value to other peoples’ lives and to her own by pointing out mistakes and possibilities in our resumes, profiles and attitude. She is a straightforward leader with great generosity and incredible knowledge to help others succeed.

Kirsty Bonner is a beloved LinkedIn content advisor who has millions of followers on her page. It is no wonder that she has gained such a huge following after only a year since her last interview with Innovator Diaries. Her willpower is a beacon of hope for many during this pandemic.

She has the capacity to both motivate and empathise. This comes from both her professional and personal experiences.

Her knowledge of the job market, her digestible tips and her vigour to really do the work to help others is incomparable to anyone of her position and stature. Kristy Bonner is passionate, invested and honest. Her value as a person and a coach cannot be encapsulated in her two episodes with Innovator Diaries.

In this interview, Kirsty Bonner talks about transferable skills and how we can maximise them during this pandemic. She also shares great advice for interviews, resumes, cover letter and LinkedIn profiles that will surely help you stand out.


You can continue to Kirsty Bonner and her mission in LinkedIn through her profile and her course program

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