Businessman & Chairman Of SKINS Compression Clothing, Jaimie Fuller

Episode 046
Jaimie Fuller is the chairman of Foundations For Sports Integrity and of a global brand loved by the world’s elite athletes: Compression Clothing SKINS.
Today’s guest is an incredibly optimistic person. He is the executive chairman of top Australian sportswear brand SKINS. He also leads numerous organisation and campaigns against anti-doping, corruption and diversity in sport. Meet Jaimie Fuller.
Jaimie brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a leader, he’s founded a number of sports-related campaigns including Change Cycling Now, #ChooseTheRightTrack, #NewFIFANow, and Change Cricket. He also launched #RainbowLaces, a campaign to raise awareness in homophobia in sport.

Jaimie Fuller was born in England, but identifies himself as an Australian for he spent most his life in Sydney. His father was an influential person in his life – he worked with him for their printing business.

Jaimie saw himself quit jobs because he felt no sense of achievement nor fulfilment. Then, the door to buy a failing business opened and he decided to turn that opportunity to build a global brand – now SKINS. He started the business with nothing but gut. This positive outlook coupled with a hands-on approach eventually saw Jaimie’s business venture grow and reach elite athletes from the Australian Rugby Union through to Football Federation of Australia.

The road to success wasn’t an easy one for Jaimie. Jumping into a completely foreign industry, he had to face a number of challenges.

In this interview, Jaimie tells the story of how he went to Sydney University to study computer science but only took him a few days before he dropped out. He also shares his journey including the secrets of building great relationships and effective management that translates to corporate success. For someone who’s achieved financial stability and success, Jaimie also defines what happiness is.

In this episode, you will learn more about Jaimie’s business strategies and inspirational road to success. Connect with Jaimie at Linkedin.

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