Business Owner, Financial Freedom & Sailing The World, James Hastie

Episode 055
James Hastie is not afraid of change. Being open and embracing new possibilities led James to reach success in business and life.
Today’s guest is a financial services expert. He boasts an incredible understanding of the industry that he has now sold. He now sails around the world and competes in some of the biggest and challenging sailing races in the world. Meet James Hastie.
James is an entrepreneur and is now enjoying the time of his life sailing around the world.

James Hastie spent his childhood in a very conservative, traditional British setting. At the age of eight, he had to learn to live alone in a boarding school. In school, James remembers struggling to compete with very talented peers. That was something that really affected his (academic) self-esteem.

Having studied design and architecture back at university, James had an early experience in the design industry. Soon after, James was introduced to the financial sector and eventually attended business school.

In this interview, James shares stories of how he willingly jumped to new opportunities including immigrating to Australia, starting a company and eventually exiting the business.
James provides tips on how to successfully build professional relationships. He also talks about his ongoing journey of sailing around the world and how he divides his life between Australia and Spain.

In this episode, you will learn more about how James’ smoothly sailed through success. If you’d like to get in touch with James the best way is via Linkedin.

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