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Episode 036
Karen Borg is a business leader and a well-respected corporate talent. All her accomplishments point to two things – accepting challenges and being highly adaptable.

Today’s guest was the inaugural CEO of Jobs for New South Wales. Prior to this, she worked hard to earn a name in the international leadership arena managing businesses in different industries and in many cultures and countries around the world. Meet Karen Borg.

Karen has worn many hats working across Australia, Russia, China, UK and the US, for the world’s leading brands including Nestle, Revlon and Goodman Fielder.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Sydney. She had no concrete plan of what she wanted to do in life and so she let life surprise her. With just the right mix of motivation and tenacity, she was successful in getting herself a cadetship in advertising – an industry she later realised she was passionate about.

Karen loves change and is always ready to embrace challenges as evidenced by her bold career moves across various industries. She worked with the world’s leading brands spanning Australia, Russia, the UK and the US. She held senior roles at consumer companies Nestle, Revlon and Goodman Fielder. She was also lady boss for Johnson and Johnson, ResMed Asia Pacific.

Most recently, Karen was the inaugural CEO for Jobs in New South Wales, where she worked and managed billions of budgets to help businesses and organisations create more jobs and opportunities.

However, it was not all roses for Karen. In this interview, Karen talks about more of her previous role at NSW as well as the personal challenges she endured.

She offers top tips for businesses looking to get funding, individuals starting their career and women trying to pursue leadership positions.

In this episode, you will learn more about Karen’s very interesting career. Connect with my guest via Linkedin.

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