Business Growth Specialist, Mentor and Founder of SheEO, Vicki Saunders

Episode 124
Vicki Saunders main message is having radical generosity. Through her example, she has led many individuals and business towards success that goes beyond the monetary and the superficial.

Today’s guest is a mentor for many and the founder of SheEO, a world-wide organization made by and made for women. Her courage and passion, along with her kindness, has created innovative business solutions for the future. Meet Vicki Saunders.

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How does generosity help create sustainable business growth? Vicki Saunders tells us how she has done it and how she started, grew and is thriving with SheEO.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Vicki Saunders:

  • 2:04 – Childhood
  • 9:18 – SheEO
  • 15:56 – Creating company culture
  • 18:49 – Advice for entrepreneurs
  • 28:38 – Business sustainability
  • 29:56 – Innovation, creativity and change
  • 37:08 – Unique traits and quirks


Vicki Saunders is a woman who mentors with both mind and heart. She thrives in uncertainty and ambiguity. She is the ideal leader for a more sustainable, just and kind world.

Vicki Saunders grew up with community leaders and visionaries as her parents. Living on a strawberry farm in Ottawa has taught her about the ever-changing nature of life. Her experiences have made her comfortable with uncertainty, always eager to figure things out through constant sensing, noticing and shifting.

As she began to notice the injustices and biases that rule us all, Vicki Saunders pushed herself to be the change she sought in the world. Her dreams of supporting circular economies and redefining business came to life through SheEO. The company represents her desire for transformation, providing a perpetual fund for women-led businesses supported by women in power.

Vickie Saunders, founder of SheEO is the kind of leader who cultivates autonomy among her employees, partners and mentees. The goal is for a diverse set of individuals to lead themselves towards a common goal. For her, nourishing others’ talents and caring more about the person than the business leads to more success and joy.

In this interview, Vickie Saunders shares an abundance of business advice and insights that are both intelligent and compassionate. She is a brave leader with great self-awareness who sees her talent for innovation as a gift to be shared to all.


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