Business Growth Specialist, Julian White

Episode 087
Julian White is a man of incredible tenacity. A man who has experienced the highest ups and lowest lows in business, he uses his experience to inspire and to grow even stronger.

Today’s guest is a top coach who works to create massive growth for businesses in Australia. With decades of experience and expertise, Julian has made a name for himself and has boosted companies to their highest potential. Julian’s resilience and drive has allowed him to rise from failure only to be better and bolder than ever before. He continues to excel as a coach and gives back to the community through his irreplaceable wisdom. Meet Julian White.

Julian is both fair and firm in business and in life. He is as reliable as he is tough, and has shown excellence in his corporate career and his solo ventures. He attributes his success to his ability to understand systems, people and business opportunities beyond what lies on the surface.

Julian is not afraid of a challenge. Learning at an early age the value of dedication and dependability, he powers through any storm with focus and integrity. Born in a family who understands and values business ethics, his value system has molded him to be the coach that he is today.

With the help of his wife, amidst the shock of a recession, Julian transitioned from earning from a career in sales into becoming a global brand leader. Entering a new industry has changed his life and it is his courage to open that door of uncertainty that molded his career. By the mid-90’s, Julian has expanded his company’s business by the millions—and he was just getting started. By 2001, his solo venture began. In 2008, failure hit him hard and, eventually, propelled him forward. His secret? Pushing through and doing what needs to be done.

His experience in the corporate world taught him how to make sound decisions in business and in life. Julian values people. He sees the value of every individual’s attitude and the sense of camaraderie created by hiring the right people. Julian is also an expert negotiator, never underestimating the power of silence, of taking a pause and of listening. As business is all about making decisions, Julian also relies on others as sounding boards for his desired direction.

In this interview, Julian talks about business strategies he has employed through the years. He discusses the importance of digging deeper and committing to one’s goals. He talks about the failure of his business and the new life that was unearthed from falling from such great heights.


You can connect with Julian White through Linkedin where he is very active and posts daily business videos full of practical advice.


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