Best Barista in the World & Owner of ONA Cafe / Coffee Roaster, Sasa Sestic

Episode 110
Sasa Sestic is a man of excellence and gratitude. His dedication to improving the quality of coffee has made his brand one of the best in the world.

Today’s guest is a world champion barista and an entrepreneur. With his desire to create and connect, he has succeeded as both a coffee maker and a business owner. Meet Sasa Sestic.

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Sasa Sestic is consistent in his ambition to create coffee that uplifts and induces pleasure in its drinker. His values serve as the benchmark for becoming the best barista in the world, developing coffee and creating the perfect team to bring his ideas to life.

Sasa Sestic has always been a man of great drive and ambition. Inspired by his brother and an upbringing imbued with sports, Sasa Sestic strives for excellence in all that he does. This taught him to use competitions as avenues for development and innovation.

For Sasa, it is all about the depth. Each step forward is also one step deeper into whichever realm he chooses to explore. It is in the world of coffee that he has dug the deepest, however, and has found treasures he shares through his brand, ONA Coffee.

What started out as a simple barista stint evolved into several coffee farms all over South America. His passion for coffee was unexpected, yet this is where he found his calling. Now, Sasa leads a team of more than 100 employees. Sasa’s desire to serve others, not just with cups of coffee, is seen in his work ethic and the way he develops his coffee.

In this interview, Sasa Sestic talks about his life before coffee and how it has molded him as an entrepreneur. He also discusses what he plans for the future of ONA Coffee considering the “new normal.”


You can connect with Sasa Sestic through his ONA Cafe website. He is also active on Instagram.

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