Behavioural Scientist, Importance of Resilience & Leadership, Darren Hill

Episode 111
Darren Hill is a man invested in adding value to his and other people’s lives. His wisdom on creating purpose, handling leadership roles and staying resilient benefits all who know him.

Today’s guest is the mastermind behind many successful organizational cultures. His company believes in the power of feedback in creating a healthy and happy work environment. Meet Darren Hill.

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Darren Hill fosters consistent growth through discipline. His personal set of principles allow him to confront change, liberate him from his fears, achieve success and lead others in doing the same.

Darren Hill has the unique ability of balancing growth and staying true to one’s foundations. His lifelong aim is to keep being a better human. In his work as a leader of Pragmatic Thinking, a behaviour and motivation strategy company, he showcases this very purpose.

In his work as a behavioural scientist, Darren Hill has harnessed the necessary knowledge to teach about the value of resilience. His mission emphasizes the need to understand one’s purpose and how to achieve progress. He also has techniques on how to address our fears in order to liberate ourselves from them.

It is through self-discipline and a constant thirst for knowledge that Darren motivates others to become pragmatic. He believes in making a difference in our lives through science-based approaches that speak to the heart.

In this interview, Darren Hill talks about humanity’s innate creativity, the value of failure, and what it takes to be a good leader. He also discusses how having a purpose is the key to resilience.


You can connect with Darren Hill through his official website, as well as through the Pragmatic Thinking company website. You can also check out his LinkedIn profile for the latest updates.

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