Designer, Baker & Founder of ‘LOKOKITCHEN’, Lauren Ko

Episode 073
Lauren Ko is a designer and baker by accident. Baking to de-stress from everyday life led to a series of opportunities that were impossible to ignore, turned her life around, started LOKOKITCHEN and made her the Instagram sensation she is today.
Today’s guest had a long and meaningful career as a social worker when she decided to recreate her professional life. When Lauren focused solely on designing the unique pies she creates, a generous stream of supporters and believers motivated her to go outside her comfort zone and take LOKOKITCHEN to the next level (with 300,000 followers). Meet Lauren Ko.
Lauren remains humble despite the big leaps she has taken as a one-of-a-kind designer and businesswoman. Her plan to make a huge impact on the world through her craft is exciting to see and support as it comes alive.

To say that Lauren Ko’s life is a diverse blend of ingredients is an understatement. Born to Asian parents yet hugely influenced by his grandparents’ Honduran culture, food was much appreciated in their family growing up.

Despite her familiarity with food, she was more attracted to the sociological aspect of her identity. Visiting Honduras during the summer filled her with a drive to become a social worker for various non-profits. After many different organisations, Lauren landed a job in Seattle, the city where her life was transformed by a job she excelled at but left her feeling quite unfulfilled.

In Seattle, Lauren baked and cooked to de-stress. She added her unique artistic style to the typical pie, using geometric patterns inspired by architecture and textiles she noticed everywhere. The millennial in her just had to share these photos online through the LOKOKITCHEN Instagram account. Without any desire to market her pies or create her own brand, social media did the work for her as she went viral in just 4 months.

Lauren is at the top of her game, with interviews, workshops and projects taking her life by storm. The social worker in her still craves to take her craft beyond visual pleasure to creating a more lasting and positive impact on the world. Lauren also acknowledges that there is still much to learn and how much she leans on her loved ones for support.

In this interview, Lauren Ko talks about her decision to leave her job for her passion, how she handles negative feedback and internet trolls, and the importance of keeping your integrity and knowing your worth as an artist and innovator.

Connect with Lauren Ko through her website, lokokitchen. She also has an Instagram account (@lokokitchen) as well as her Facebook page under the same name. There, you will gain access to workshops and more news on her big project for the upcoming year.

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