Bachata Dance Champion and Latin Dance Teacher, Juan Ruiz

Episode 009
My guest today is Latin dance champion and owner of one of the biggest dance studios in Sydney. My guest is Juan Ruiz.

Today’s guest has achieved a ton of things in relation to dance. He is a multiple times Australia Bachata Champion and has coached teams that have won several championships themselves. He owns one of the biggest Latin Dance schools in Sydney (Tropical Soul Dance Studio), and he is actually the person responsible for bringing Bachata into Australia. In fact, he has done many of the things happening right now in reference to Latin music and dancing Latin rhythms in Australia. My guest today is Juan Ruiz.

Juan is one of the most influential Bachateros around the globe. He has taught hundreds of workshops and performed at prestigious Latin events around the world.

Juan Ruiz finished a Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems and he arrived in Australia to do a masters in Digital Media. He now runs a Latin Dance Studio, is one of the founders of the ‘Sydney International Bachata Festival’ and also organises the ‘Byron Latin Fiesta’

Juan was born in Ecuador, South America, Lived in Chicago (US) with his family before moving permanently to Australia to do his master’s degree. After finishing his master’s degree he started working full-time as a programmer and also did dancing and teaching at night time.
It was during this time that Juan noticed people were mostly dancing Salsa, and only a few had heard of Bachata. This is when he decided to push Bachata by teaching it, performing it and organising gigs to promote this Latin rhythm. It was during this time that he knew his real passion was Latin Dancing and event organisation. He quit his 9 to 5 office job and, together with a partner, started his own Dance Studio Business. He also got together with other partners and began The Sydney International Bachata Festival, which is recognised worldwide as the first one of its kind.

Some of the competitions Juan has won are:

  • 4x Australia Bachata Champion at the Australia Bachata Championships and Australian Latin Dance Championships
  • 5x Australia Team Bachata Champions including World Salsa Solo, Australian Latin Dance Championships, Australia Bachata Championships
  • Team leader of 4x Australian Amateur Team Champions


In this interview you will learn the sacrifices Juan had to make in order to reach success, What Juan thinks of having a balanced lifestyle, the strategies he had to  make to put his business in front of clients, and how much training he had to do in order to become a leader in his field. We also discussed the importance of travelling and his advice to people who want to pursue dancing and be part of his industry.

Enjoy the interview and leave your comments below if you would like to know something else about this particular line of work.

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