Architect & Designer of Best House In The World, William Smart

Episode 053
William Smart has a gift for everything related to design. He is now the lead person of his own award-winning Architecture practice, Smart Design Studio in Sydney, Australia.
Today’s guest is an icon in the Australian architecture industry. His smart designs have captured not only Australia but also the world with his unique home design called Indigo Slam, now considered one of the best houses in the world. Meet William Smart.
William is an architect and designer. Through his incredible work, he creates unique stories for the world to see.

William Smart grew up with very busy parents. He learned how to distract himself by drawing, creating models of cars and houses and buildings. This later helped him build his own world and realise his passion for design.

William studied architecture at Curtin University.
Coming from the country, William struggled in school. He knew he didn’t have enough knowledge or experience in the arts. Sooner, he found a mentor, who would guide him along the way of developing his ideas and designs.

William holds a wealth of international experience having travelled and worked in well-known architecture firms in France and the UK  (like Foster and Partners) before returning to Australia to open his own company.

He founded SMART Design Studio and since then has won several top international architecture designs awards. He also worked on what is known as the best house in the world, the Indigo Slam.

In this interview, William talks about his inspiration and some insider stories from Indigo Slam. He talks about this and more of his most memorable projects.

William shares more about how he started small. He also provides insights about leading a motivated and productive team.

In this episode, you will learn more about William’s exciting journey in the architecture and design industries. If you’d like to get in touch with William, connect with him at

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