Artist, Designer & Musician, Reg Mombassa

Episode 026
Reg Mombassa is a living legend. He is an award-winning artist and musician.

Today’ guest is gifted with an innate artistic sense. He’s both a successful artist and musician. He captures the beauty of the world in drawings or paintings, majority of which were exhibited in museums around the world. His masterpieces were showcased in the 2000 Olympic games, museums and art galleries. He Meet Reg Mombassa.

Reg has a wealth of experience in the arts. He is a graphic designer, a visual artist and a musician.

Reg grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand with loving and encouraging parents. He spent his childhood cultivating arts as an autodidact, but still attended formal classes and studied painting at the National Art School in Sydney.

Reg is passionate about painting; impressionist pieces are something he enjoyed exploring. This interest led him to receive a number of awards and recognition as well as exhibited his craft in art museums all over the world. He even had his masterpieces showcased in the 2000 Olympic games.

Back in uni, Reg met some friends he enjoyed playing music with. They later became the popular Australian band, Mental As Anything. They have also toured the world through their music.

Reg worked with Mambo Graphics, one of the leading surf and street-wear clothing brands in Australia during the 90’s and 00’s. This was where most of his classic works and favourite characters were born.

Now, Reg is a member of the Rock band Dog Trumpet, and has recorded a number of sell out albums.

While he is lucky to have the talent and was able to make some significant breakthroughs, Reg acknowledges that being an artist is a very insecure way to make a living. His chosen career is not all fun and at times could be frustrating.

In this interview, Reg talks more about his meaningful history both as an artist and musician. He shares his most treasured moments as well as the challenges he met along the way. He also offers advice for every artists – young, veteran, aspiring, budding or struggling.

In this episode, you will learn more about the Reg’s journey that led him to be a well-renowned artist that he is today. Connect with Reg, and check and purchase his art here

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