‘Reverspective’ Art Movement Creator and Artist, Patrick Hughes

Episode 116
Patrick Hughes is the creator of a unique art movement called “Reverspective,” his eccentricity and unconventional approach to art, makes him both popular and successful.

Today’s guest is an artist and creator whose works are both fun and pensive. He has been an artist for around 60 years and specialises in illusions created by movement. He works in unique ways and it is this strangeness that drives many to appreciate his work. Meet Patrick Hughes. Check a video of some of his creations here.

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Patrick Hughes loves exploring opposites, both in his work and in his personal life. He is a resilient artist who dwells in the world of the curious and unconventional.

Patrick Hughes grew up in a difficult environment. With a mother who lacked in nurturing and guidance, Patrick had to rely on his favourite books to give him solace. He used literature to make his world magical. His experiences as a child made him strive for a richer and fuller life.

He is greatly influenced by Paul Klee and Rene Magritte. He creates beautiful artworks simply by being his own unique artist. An introvert at heart, he views his success as accidental. It is something he never consciously pursued.

His life’s work and popularity are true testaments to how success follows those who stay true to themselves. Patrick Hughes is constantly open to ideas, therefore magnifying the abundance of his works. He believes art transcends all physical boundaries and should be created for everyone.

In this interview, Patrick Hughes talks about his love for art and literature. He also shares the story of his success, along with his most trying moments that made him the man he is today.


You can connect with Patrick Hughes through his Website: http://www.patrickhughes.co.uk/


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