Adaptation & Change In Times Of Crisis, Success Resources Director, Michael Lane

Episode 100 B
Michael Lane is one of the biggest names in the Australian live events industry. He is currently re-inventing how his company, Success Resources, works

Today’s guest is an events promotion expert. Every year, he brings together the world’s best talents into live events (more than 500) to try to help individuals in Australia and around the world learn from and become the bests at what they do. But then the crisis came. They went from 500 events to zero. They innovated and now are generating millions of dollars from these new initiatives.  Meet Michael Lane.

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In this episode you will learn how Success Resources and Michael Lane are managing the crisis situation and went from having tens of millions in revenue to zero. How they had to pivot from live events to online events.

Michael Lane is the Managing Director of Success Resources.

Their mission is to support individuals, enterprises and organisations through education. They have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands from more than 35 countries. All of this through live events held worldwide. Then COVID-19 hit, countries closed their borders, international travel stopped, and large gatherings were not allowed. Every single one of these events had to be cancelled.

How did Success Resources and Michael Lane respond to this?

In this episode Michael Lane tells us:

  1. How Success Resources was operating before the COVID-19 crisis
  2. The changes and innovations they had to implement.
  3. The challenges these changes brought.

What Michael Lane and Success Resources have achieved is short of amazing.  Listen to this episode to learn more.


You can connect with Michael Lane via LinkedIn  and  Success Resources.

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