Creator of WooTube & One Of The Best Teachers In The World, Eddie Woo

Episode 052
Eddie Woo makes an impact in the lives of young people around the world. He gets excited about trigonometry and calculus – a maths rock star.
Today’s guest is working with passion and living with purpose. He is a recognizable stars on YouTube by children around the world and the genius behind Wootube. He is also an Australian local hero, book author and Education Ambassador for the University of Sydney. Meet Eddie Woo.
Eddie is an educator, who has won various awards including, NSW Premiere Prize For Innovation in Science and Mathematics, NSW Local Hero and most recently became the Education Ambassador for the University of Sydney.

Eddie Woo studied Bachelors of Education Honours degree at the Sydney University. Growing up from a family of immigrants, Eddie was a lonely boy and an often target of bullying in school. So he turned into studying and found that learning as his source of joy and the one thing he loved to do.

Eddie always knew that education was always something he has in his DNA. Eddie loves teaching maths and is now the Head Teacher of Mathematics in Australia’s biggest high school (Cherrybrook Technology High School in Sydney’s west)

Eddie is an educator, whose classes reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of students around the world. He is the creator of Wootube, an online-classroom-slash-hit YouTube channel and the author of “Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths”.

All this was an unusual journey for Eddie, who back in the days was, in fact, struggling with his maths class.

In this interview, Eddie talks about his passion for maths, the challenges and joys of being a teacher, and that one student, who rocked his life. He shares stories of his YouTube videos, his strategy and why he thinks his channel had proved to be a hit. Eddie offers advice to people hoping to join the academia and become a teacher. He also talks about how he finds balance with work and family life.

In this episode, you will learn more about Eddie’s wonderful world of maths – also the name of his book. If you’d like to get in touch with Eddie, connect with him at Youtube at Eddie Woo and across social media platforms @misterwootube.

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