Top 5 Chess Player of All Time, 5x World Chess Champion, Vishy Anand

Episode 140
Vishy Anand is a real-life chess wizard. With a wonderful career in the sport, he measures his success not just by his achievements but also by his personal growth.

Today’s guest is a renowned chess player who conquered competitors from all over the world 5 times. He is an extraordinary mind, a person who never stops innovating his genius. He is a man that cannot simply be defined by accolades and praise. Meet Vishy Anand.

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How do we learn to innovate, conquer risks and evolve through the game of chess? 5-time world chess champion Vishy Anand shows us how deeply transformative playing chess can be.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Vishy Anand:

  • 9:34 – Flow and focus
  • 14:35 – Evolving as a chess player
  • 20:48 – Creativity and innovation
  • 24:09 – Motivation
  • 32:28 -Mentoring
  • 34:45 – Risks and adversities
  • 43:26 – Asking questions
Vishy Anand believes in facing challenges head-on. He sees the game of chess as personal, emotional and creative. His decades in the game allowed him to get into a beautiful flow and to evolve as a player and a human being.

Vishy Anand lived in the world of chess at an early age. Playing at 6 years old with chess players from her mother’s side, he had his big break in the game at the young age of 13. It only went upwards from there, as he became the first world junior champion from Asia.

However, his career did experience a major setback. Surprisingly enough, Vishy Anand felt a deep sense of emptiness when he won his world title. This is because he was only one of two recognized world champions at the time. This became Vishy Anand’s constant motivation: to be the only world champion in the world of chess.

As he pushed forward to achieve this goal, Vishy Anand remained diligent in learning from his mistakes. He also invests plenty of time learning other skills, allowing him to see connections he would never have noticed before. Upon becoming the sole world champion, he focused on having fun with chess, enjoying the travel opportunities and just discovering new ways of playing.

In this interview, Vishy Anand explains how chess is all about the mistakes, why you should annotate your games, and how the riskiest games tend to be the best ones.


You can connect with Vishy Anand through his Twitter page and his email address,

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