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Episode 030
Rob Malicki and Marine Hautemont are an entrepreneurial couple. They are the owners of AIM Overseas.

Today’s guests are the brains behind Australia’s pioneer study abroad provider program called AIM Overseas. Where their aim was not to focus on a destination alone but on high-quality courses that are relevant to its destination. Meet Marine Hautemont and Rob Malicki.

Rob and Marine are passionate about international studies. Together, they took on the challenge of starting a business and they haven’t looked back since.

Rob and Marine are not only business partners, they are also partners in life.

Rob was born in Sydney and Marine is originally from France. Back in her hometown, Marine attended law school as per her mom’s advice but then she got bored – and that’s where the option to study in Australia came into the picture. Fast forward to a few years later, she met Rob, who was taking up Bachelor of Science.

After a couple of years of knowing each other, talks about putting up a business started. Striving towards the same goal, Rob and Marine did not take long to jump in the idea, quit their jobs and finally start a business.

As per any other small business, they were struggling initially with start-up capital and questions like “what if it doesn’t work?” but that did not stop them from turning their dreams into reality.

Now, Rob and Marine are best known as co-founders one of Australia’s first outbound study abroad organisation, AIM Overseas. Thanks to their passion, dedication and hard work, AIM Overseas is now the first choice for many Aussies wanting to get their study abroad experience in specialised topics and destinations.

In this interview, Marine and Rob talk about their life, their business and their study abroad programs. They also share the challenges and joys of working with a partner – particularly with a significant other. They will also tell us their path in business and how they made AIM Overseas successful and talk about personal experiences such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

In this episode, you will learn more about the Rob and Marine’s journey that led them to have not only a healthy work and personal relationship but also a successful business.

If you’d like to get in touch with Rob and Marine, you can connect with them via LinkedIn (Rob Malicki and Marine Hautemont). Also via their businesses AIM Overseas  and alifethattravels

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