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Episode 044
Sarah Hunstead is one of Australia’s most trusted figures in paediatric first aid. Determination, tenacity and optimism led her to be the successful businesswoman that she is today.

Today’s guest is passionate about paediatric care. Now, she is the owner and founder of a top children’s health service and business called CPR Kids,  where their mission is to empower all parents and carers to recognise when their children are injured or sick, and be able (and confident) to respond to the situation quickly. Meet Sarah Hunstead.

Sarah is a paediatric nurse, a mum and a businesswoman. She is on a mission to empower people with knowledge and help them save a life.

Sarah was born in Melbourne. She studied Bachelor of Nursing and also holds a Masters in Clinical Care Nursing.

Sarah spent most of her childhood with her mom, who suffered from severe mental illness. While in high school, Sarah gladly took part-time jobs that provided her with great work ethic. After uni, she landed a coveted position at the Royal Children’s Hospital new graduate program.

However, her life proved to include many ups and lows just after finishing her degree, Sarah’s mum took her own life.

An optimistic and tenacious person that she is, Sarah moved to Sydney and started afresh. She worked at Sydney’s Children’s Hospital and has quickly climbed the ranks of the healthcare organisation.

Now, she is the owner and founder of CPR Kids, a start-up offering first aid courses that empower parents and carers with life-saving skills in baby and child first aid.

In this interview, Sarah shares the stories of her successful life journey as well as challenges she faced along the way. She talks about her travel of a lifetime and how, she, being a businesswoman, pulled off an epic Australian road trip.

She also offers advice for people wanting to jumpstart their career and individuals looking to start a business.

In this episode, you will learn more about Sarah’s inspirational career. Connect with my guest via Linkedin or the CPR Kids website.

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