Presenting and Speaking Specialist, How to Present Clearly, Confidently and Persuasively, Michelle Bowden

Episode 135
Michelle Bowden believes in practice and in formulas. She walks people through the stressful process of public speaking and shows them how to stay focused and calm.

Today’s guest is a public speaking specialist and presentation skills coach. She teaches techniques that have been successful for the best public speakers in the world. Her methods can be practically applied to various settings, from office presentations or international conferences to job interviews. Meet Michelle Bowden.

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What are the best ways to get over stage fright, avoid blanking while speaking in front of a crowd and stay calm in the spotlight? Michelle Bowden teaches the necessary process for a successful presentation.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Michelle Bowden:

  • 2:47 – Beginnings as a speaker
  • 7:18 – Public speaking tips
  • 20:06 – Storyboarding and storytelling
  • 27:38 – Perspective shift
  • 37:38 – Public speaking and creativity
  • 40:01 – Creating a good flow
Michelle Bowden is both warm and confident. Her skills only come second to the joy she radiates when she shares amazing tips for presenting and speaking. Her positivity is infectious and has attracted thousands of audiences, clients and readers.

Michelle Bowden came upon her role as a presenting and speaking specialist as a young employee. In fact, she invented this role. Proposing to establish training department to her company, she took up her graduate degree in adult education while teaching her officemates how to enhance their soft skills.

Later in her career, Michelle Bowden taught a public speaking course alongside actors. This is where she gathered various techniques. Here, she learned the basics such as how to warm up, how to breathe, how to stand, how to deliver a message, and what to do when you go blank. Learning how to correlate somatic experiences with one’s confidence and readiness to present, she took her knowledge to the next level.

Now, her wisdom and techniques have helped people from all over. Her 3-step formula for public speaking is both logical and creative. This allows each individual to adapt the steps based on the needs of the situation. Michelle Bowden’s best tip? It’s not about you; it’s all about the audience.

In this interview, Michelle Bowden shares plenty of actionable tips that will help you speak in public more confidently. You will learn how to analyze, design and deliver a speech successfully.


You can connect with Michelle Bowden and learn more about her courses and her book through her official website,

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