Lawyer, Politician, Social Justice Expert, Verity Firth

Episode 034
Verity Firth has achieved great success following her passion for Education, Health & Social Justice.

Today’s guest is a well-respected lawyer and a former Minister for Women, Minister for Climate Change and Minister for Education and Training. She is currently the Executive Director of the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion at University Technology Sydney (UTS). Meet Verity Firth.

Verity is making a real impact in Australia via Public Service and Education.

Verity was born in Canberra. She studied a combined degree of Arts and Law. She grew up in Sydney and in a very political household, which is why she found herself involved in politics as early as her university years.

The thoughts of being a politician never occurred to Verity. After uni, Verity was given the opportunity to work for Anthony Albanese in his electorate office.  She then spent time as a marginal seat Campaign Director.  However, the Labor Party lost the 2001 election and Verity decided to become a lawyer.

Unforeseen challenges were constantly thrown her way but Verity chose to always show strength and positivity believing that when one door closes another will open.

And so the door of opportunity opened several times after, which saw her become State Member for Balmain, then Minister for a number of small ministries in the New South Wales Parliament. Towards the end of her parliamentary career she was New South Wales Minister for Education and Training, managing a 14 billion dollar budget.

Now, Verity is the Executive Director of the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion at the University of Technology, in Sydney where she is trying to make education accessible to as many people as possible.

In this interview, Verity shares some valuable insights about her career to-date. She talks about what it takes to be a successful politician in the modern world as well as her tips on being on top of everything she does. She also offers advice for people starting their career and professionals looking to step up their game.

In this episode, you will learn more about Verity’s inspirational career. Connect with my guest via Twitter.

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