Journalist and Best Selling Author, Christine Armstrong

Episode 061
Christine Armstrong is on a mission to tell you the truth no one talks about having children, having a career and maintaining your sanity.
Today’s guest is a journalist, speaker, mother of three children and the best selling author of “The Mother of all Jobs. How to Have Children and a Career and Stay Sane(ish)”.  Meet Christine Armstrong.
Christine’s talks about how to have children and career and stay sane.

Christine was born in the UK, and moved so much internationally growing up to Mauritius, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe among other countries.

After university, Christine did some random jobs before working with an advertising agency in London as director of communications and was eventually offered a position on research. Christine describes this role as a perfect fit for her until she had a baby.

Having extensive experience in professional work and very little knowledge of babies pushed Christine to study the women around her. This is why she started to interview hundreds of women and try to find out how they are balancing (or not) their lives. Later, she found herself writing a book proposal and soon after landing a book deal.

In this interview, Christine talks about how her best-selling book came to be. She shares her top advice for women to break through the glass ceiling. As well as parenting secrets, she provides some tips on juggling motherhood and successful career life. If you have children and are trying to balance your work/life balance this interview is for you!

In this episode, you will learn more about Christine’s journey as a writer and adviser. Connect with Christine through her website or Linkedin

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