Career Consultant and LinkedIn Contributor, Kirsty Bonner

Episode 075
Kirsty Bonner is a woman of passion with a big heart. She has dominated different careers and, more than anything, is driven by her desire to empower others.
Today’s guest is a LinkedIn expert and contributor (with more than 350,000 followers) who has worked in the field of finance for 20 years. Her belief in herself extended towards people of all walks of life which manifests in her work as a job search consultant. Conquering different adversities, Kirsty understands the value of empathy and how believing in yourself can change your life’s story. Meet Kirsty Bonner
Kirsty Bonner is a DIY kind of woman. She values the immense responsibility that comes with having a huge network of people following her advice. Kirsty is a passionate, generous and effective consultant who offers her knowledge with heaps of dedication and drive.

Kirsty Bonner learned to rely on herself at an early age. Being estranged from her family brought her closer to the right people: mentors in the business world. They showed her how to believe in herself.

As a young woman in a male-dominated industry, she was badgered by insecurity and the need to prove herself to everyone in the room. After 20 years of high-stress environment, in a snap decision, left the career she has built her life on and decided to study Psychology at NYU. Her second life began with travelling after finishing school.

Her month-long expeditions to over 18 countries in the world educated Kirsty deeply and armed her with knowledge on what employment is like in all parts of the world. It is during these travels that she dabbled with LinkedIn as she found more and more job seekers who needed her expertise.

From constantly engaging with posts, Kirsty Bonner now has thousands of followers, job seekers who she still interacts with herself. Kirsty shares groundbreaking job searching tips and psychological help both to paying clients and her online audience.

In this interview, Kirsty Bonner shares how she deals with the expectations of being a high profile consultant. She gives actionable advice for interview preparation and shares how her life has flourished from a life-changing decision she made at 40 years old.

You can connect with Kirsty Bonner through her LinkedIn profile. There you can read about her remarkable career and contact her for her services.

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