Performance, rewards Management & HR Expert, Prof John Shields

Episode 024
John Shields is a well-respected educator in Australia. Unlike many successful people, he is someone who is fearless in creating his own career path.

Today’s guest is fascinated with anything related to history. He is currently one of the leaders in one of Australia’s top business schools. Meet John Shields, an expert in Human Resource Management, and a specialist in performance and rewards management.

John has a wealth of experience in various disciplines. He is a historian, a professor, and an expert in human resource management.

John is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in History from the Australian National University. He also holds a PhD in Economic History from the University of Sydney, where he is now the Deputy Dean and Head of Business School.

Born in Sydney, John was raised in a rich childhood with his sisters. His dad, who spent years building up a farm for John, wanted him to be a farmer. However, John knew he didn’t want the country life so he talked himself out of his father’s wish.

Inspired by his history and arts teachers, John decided to take-up History. This was where his fascination with the historical mindset and craft started – he now thinks like a historian and deals with a problem like a historian.

After uni, John was involved in a number of professions. He was a public servant, tutor and a researcher. John acknowledges that he is not a long-term planner and that he let – again – historical process work out his life. He claims his road to being on top of his career was a series of “managed transitions and accidental turning points.”

However, fearless in creating his own career path, John kept his options open, which led him to where he is today – a well-respected name in the Australian academic sector. As a Professor of Human Resource Management (HRM), John now helps produce the best young leaders that Australia has to offer.

In this interview, John defines fruitful success and genuine happiness. He also talks about performance and rewards management, intellectual mentoring and recruitment. You will gain a lot of insights from an all-round good person.

In this episode, you will learn more about John’s exciting career life. If you’d like to get in touch with John, connect with him at LinkedIn.

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