High Diver World Record Holder and Teacher, Rick Charls

Episode 074
Rick Charls has experienced glory in his fingertips in one fateful day. Today, he molds young minds with the mentality that has served him for decades as a dedicated athlete.
Today’s guest is a former high diver, world record holder (53mt/173ft) whose worldwide fame came decades later all thanks to social media. Living a simple life as a health teacher, Rick tells the story of his life then and now, and the things that still live within him from that amazing day in 1982. To put his jump into perspective, it is like jumping from the top of a 20 storey high building into a pool. Check the amazing jump here. Meet Rick Charls
Rick Charls believes in the power of his mind. It has helped him achieve his world record all those years ago, and it is still his mind that propels him forward as he faces life away from the diving boards.

Rick Charls has dedicated his young adult life to high diving. Though not always the best diver in all his teams, he persisted and worked hard anyway. He was only 24 years old when he tied the world record for high diving, an event not many survive let alone triumph over. So, how exactly did he achieve that world record that has never been beaten since?

A disciplined series of mental training techniques set Rick apart. In an age when such preparations were uncommon, Rick had to create his own audiotape filled with subliminal messages, urging him to be safe, calm and relaxed as he made his epic dive. While a couple contenders broke their backs, another breaking his femur in half, Rick made the jump that no physical training can ever prepare him for.

Fast forward to this decade, Rick is now a health teacher who fought hard to be qualified for a job that kept him close to his son. He uses the same techniques in his daily life, proving the power of our minds. He carries many battle scars from his decades of diving, yet this pain serve as marvellous reminders of how he can do anything he set his mind to.

In this interview, Rick talks about what changed in his life after that fateful day, how to mentally prepare for impossible missions, and how to transition from glorious to ordinary without losing your positivity and zest for life.

Connect with Rick Charls through his Facebook account. There, he shares videos of his other triumphant dives from his days as a professional high diver.

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