Founding Director of ‘KidsCo’ and Educator, Laynton Allan

Episode 080
Laynton Allan is an empathetic leader with a huge heart. He is also a family man, as reflected by his latest innovative start-up business (KidsCo Australia) that continues to grow.
Today’s guest believes in the power of fun and freedom. His years as a nurse and teacher has inspired him to create a start-up that helps companies and both children and parents alike. With KidsCo, Laynton provides children with a safe space to explore and interact while allowing parents to continue working and still enjoy quality time with their little ones. With a combination of passion and organisation, he uses his empathy as a superpower and has built a business with strong values. Meet Laynton Allan.
Laynton is having fun with his business. He knows how to work intelligently, integrating play into his work and treating his company like his “baby.” Laynton seeks to help his community in a positive way while leaving room for creativity and family. That’s exactly what he has achieved with his latest enterprise.

Laynton Allan is no stranger to starting a business. However, before the success of KidsCo, he was a nurse and educator who was presented with an opportunity to create something better for himself and for society.

It was his experience as a trauma nurse that triggered the inspiration for KidsCo as he reflected on the impact of his existence in this world. Teaching, on the other hand, was a different passionate pursuit born out of the same empathy and compassion he has for others. All of these experiences formed KidsCo, Laynton’s most successful project.

His passion for KidsCo is shared by his wife and business partner, two important elements that balance his emotion-based and intuitive decisions. Along the way, Laynton has learned a lot about the value of saying “no,” how great ideas can be found everywhere, and how nothing is more important than aligning to one’s True North.

In this episode, Laynton talks about how KidsCo operates, the great feedback and luck he has received from this business and some tips on how to make the most of a start-up enterprise. He also talks about how he ended up on the 4th season of Shark Tank Australia. He shares about his love for the ups and downs of this journey, and the importance of sacrifice and creativity in achieving success and happiness.

Teachers and companies alike can learn how to join KidsCo and connect with Laynton Allan through KidsCo’s website. He also has his own LinkedIn account.

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